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Piano Lessons

Redlands piano lessons for all ages and skill levels. Resonate Music, Capalaba has expert teachers who have a friendly approach and provide quality instruction.

Our Piano Teachers

Whether you are 6 or 60, the piano offers so much pleasure and more than a little mystery. Learning to play the piano is full of challenges and like most instruments, many small goals and achievements along the way.

Piano lessons for kids are the perfect way to introduce youngsters to music. Around Australia many beginner musicians start with the piano.  Aside from inspiring a love for music, piano lessons offer students benefits in concentration, learning and motivatation to persevere with learning something new.  

Why Learn Piano

Piano is what teachers of all instruments will use as a backbone for implementing music theory. It is an instrument with one of the broadest ranges of notes and with modern day technology, piano is taken to the next step with sampling and synthesis to create almost any sound imaginable.

Piano will be used at some point in nearly every modern day recording – regardless of piano being audible in the recording. Found at the centre of some of the most beautiful musical pieces, piano lessons allow you to explore your favourite music pieces as you recreate them for your own enjoyment.

The real truth is you are never too old to start learning the piano. If you can spare a little time, our piano lessons for adults, taught by our patient teachers, will have you playing in no time.

Whether for you or your children, check out Resonate Music studio’s affordable piano lessons. Located in Brisbane’s Bayside and operating in suitable hours, find out more about Resonate Music’s private piano lessons for the young and old, beginners or intermediate musicians.

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