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Drum Lessons

Drum lessons in the Redlands with friendly, professional, inspiring teachers. Individual lessons - beginner or experienced drummers, all ages.

Our Drum Teachers

At the heart of every band is the drummer. The drum beat stirs passions and attracts attention. Many people admire the silky skills of great drummers and wish they too could play with freedom and abandon or rapid pace precision. In fact the drums are one of the instruments many older people wish they had learned to play. With our ground level, accessible drum lessons in the Redlands, you can make your wish a reality.

Many people assume drums are an extremely ‘loud’ and ‘obnoxious’ instrument. This is not the case with electric drum kits becoming readily available and extremely affordable. Students can practice their instrument before school if necessary and not annoy the rest of the family or the neighbours. Drums are a great coordination builder for any age and a ‘good drummer’ is an asset to any band, studio or record company.

Private Drum Lessons

Private drum lessons equip the student with a great level of confidence from early on.  When this is combined with a tailored approach to each student and their goals, our drumming lessons are the key to steady progress. Our talented drum teachers know their equipment, have vast industry knowledge and will lead you exactly where you want to go with your love of drums!

Whether the star of the show or a master of the secret home performance, the drums are a musical passion and a great instrument to play. If you dream of being the heartbeat of the band, or think the drums could be the perfect instrument for your child to pour seemingly endless energy into, then the drum kit lessons Brisbane’s Resonate Music studio offers are for you.

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