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Infinity Rock Band

John Prefontaine mentors the Infinity Rock Band each year giving primary school students the opportunity to develop their performance skills and gain real industry experience.

John from Resonate Music (formerly JP Guitar Studio) has a passion for music and seeing young people develop their musical skills and performance techniques.  As a professional who has been in the industray for more than 20 years, John knows how valuable real industry experience is and encourages to pursue their musical goals. 

Kids Rock Band, Capalaba

Each year John volunteers his time with the Infinity Rock Band, giving students the opportunity to audition for the band at the beginning of the school year. Once the band members are chosen, they rehearse weekly and have mulitple performance opportunities throughout the year.

These students learn real industry skills in a practical, performance based scenario. Their skill level increases to the point where they have learnt their music by memory so they can completely embrace the art of performance and entertaining their audience.

infinity rock band

Infinity Rock Band

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Recording Studio Experience

Each year these band members take a Band Excursion to the recording studio where they are able to record four songs. This is such a thrill for them, as they are able to experience a true recording studio, complete with top of the line equipment, sound engineer and more.

It really is incredible for these primary school students to have such a rewarding opportunity, and they sure do love it!

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