Resonate Music – Capalaba, Brisbane

John Prefontaine

Guitar | Bass | Guitar Repairs | Sound Engineer | Business Owner

With over 20 yrs industry experience performing, teaching and repairing guitars, John is a highly skilled, sought after guitar teacher in the Redlands.

John is a motivating mentor to many students, teachers and musicians around Brisbane. He has over 20 years’ industry experience including a Diploma of Music specialising in Technical Production.

John has a large knowledge of all musical genres.

John is also our in-house guitar repairer who can complete your set up or repair and maintenance on your guitars. He also has been lucky enough to do multiple Luthier courses where he has crafted handmade guitars from scratch. He has a very extensive knowledge of acoustic and electric guitars.

John also produces music and has recorded a huge range of audios from bands, solos and voice overs to school choirs and children’s workshops.

John is a very skilled guitar player. If you are looking for that WOW factor, John is your teacher. His passion for guitar runs strong within his blood from the early age of 8 when he started, till now 30 years on, where he still lives for guitar and has created a career and business of teaching music.

Along with his young family, his hope is to one day continue to expand and see more Resonate Music studios around Brisbane. 

brisbane guitar teacher john prefontaine
john prefontaine teaching guitar