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Chanel Cizauskas

Singing | Piano

Chanel is a singing teacher in the Redlands, with a love of music and enjoys sharing music with people of all ages.
Every singing lesson will help your perform with confidence.

Chanel knew from a young age which career path she would pursue and started piano lessons and vocals from the age of 10. To this day, she continues to learn, grow and improve.

She has achieved Grade 7 AMEB examination in Vocals and is an actress. She has had a variety of experience working in musical theatre and films even working at Movie World and starring in several short films. In addition, she has over 5 years’ experience singing opera and classical styles.

Singing to Chanel is more than a skill – she believes it has so many other benefits for your self-confidence and general well-being.

Chanel Cizauskas Singing Teacher, Toddler Music
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