Resonate Music – Capalaba, Brisbane

Lachlan Morey

Guitar | Bass

Lachlan’s musical journey is all about creating an enjoyable musical experience and guitar teaching at Resonate Music fuses his passion for music and teaching.

Introducing Lachie Morey, a dedicated music enthusiast currently navigating his second year of university in pursuit of a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance at Queensland Conservatorium.

Lachlan delved into the world of guitar at the age of 7; after convincing his first teacher that his fingers weren’t too brittle. This fostered a lasting musical connection! His musical interests span a broad spectrum, embracing rock, jazz, metal, and various fusion genres. This broad spectrum has been greatly developed by immensely inspiring teachers and passionate mentors.

Embarking on his teaching ventures at Resonate Music, Lachlan brings valuable experience from informal teaching engagements. Guiding others on their musical journey is a passion of his and a source of joy.

Simultaneously engaged with two ensembles, Lachlan is immersed in the vibrant world of jazz performance. His academic pursuit ensures a well-rounded approach to his teaching methodology.

However, Lachlan’s musical journey extends beyond the classroom, with active participation in various metal and rock bands. It’s not just about the notes; it’s about creating an enjoyable musical experience.

For Lachlan, Resonate Music is the perfect platform to fuse his passion for music and teaching. Together, let’s create a harmonious musical experience and embark on your musical journey!