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Guitar Lessons

In the Redlands, guitar lessons (electric, acoustic, bass) with experienced, friendly teachers are available for all ages & abilities.

Our Guitar Teachers

With its rich variety in sound and style, it’s no surprise that the guitar is one of the world’s most popular instruments, played and loved by millions.  If you live in the Redlands, our guitar lessons taught by experienced teachers will get you on your way to playing in no time.

Find Your Guitar Style

Dominated by acoustic and electric guitars and covering a breadth of styles that ranges from classical to blues, jazz to rock and even metal, there is a guitar to suit all players. Playing the guitar is something you learn for life and seeing the joy others can get from hearing you play is powerful and rewarding.

The guitar is a timeless instrument and can be played in ways to express almost any emotion. Apart from a desire to try, there are no prerequisites needed to learn guitar. We offer guitar lessons for kids as young as 4 years old all the way to students in their late 70s begin to play the guitar.

Sure the first time you pick up a guitar you might not know the bridge from the fret, but that is exactly what we are here for. We will meet your knowledge where it is at and take your guitar journey as far as you wish to go.

Why Learn Guitar

To learn the guitar of course has its social and personal benefits, but it is also incredibly powerful in stimulating your brain. Your mind loves to learn and because an instrument like the guitar combines both the mental and the physical its a perfect combination!

Some students just want to learn for the fun, to be able to play on their back deck or around the campfire. Whereas some students have a daily practice schedule they abide by religiously, and treat the instrument as a way of life.

Whether you are just starting out and want to join the guitar army, or are a seasoned veteran that has been playing for many years and is looking for local guitar lessons to help with a new challenge and music goal, we’re glad you have found Resonate Music. We may be biased but we think we offer the best private guitar lessons in Brisbane.

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