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Great Music lessons… Brisbane Students Needed!

music lessons music tuition guitar bass piano drums vocalHave you always wanted to play an instrument? Or perhaps you feel that opportunity has passed for you, but you want your kids to have the best music lessons Brisbane has to offer. Or maybe you have found a family heirloom that you would love to learn to play. Whatever your motivation and regardless of your natural abilities, the team at Resonate Music will provide you with a great place to play and learn. Offering many popular instrument music lessons and unrivaled music tuition expertise, Brisbane Bayside’s Resonate Music caters for all ages, abilities and motivation levels.

While the guitar is closest to owner John’s heart and has long been his passion, Resonate Music studio also offers lessons for musical students of all levels in drums, piano and bass guitar also.  But the best music lessons Brisbane boasts, is not all Resonate Music is known for, they are a one stop shop for all your musical needs. With everything from a fully functioning recording studio to expert guitar repairs, real world industry advice and assistance in every part of your musical journey, you can find answers to your musical dreams at Resonate Music.

Located in Capalaba in Brisbane’s rapidly growing bayside Suburbs, John and his team operate out of a purpose built facility with 4 custom built teaching rooms, a professional recording studio and comfortable waiting area. Decked out with high quality, world class equipment that is sure to impress. If guitar lessons are your passion, all you need to bring is your guitar. From equipment to tutors, facilities and programs everything about Resonate Music is of the highest quality.

John and his staff of experienced musical tutors (click here to meet the team) understand that every musician has different abilities and desires and will learn in different ways and at different rates. Lessons are conducted on a one on one basis and are planned to help each musician learn and grow at a rate that will help them improve.  Such is the attention to detail and careful guidance given to each student, many of the new students that Resonate Music receives arrive on recommendation by current and past students.

Each year Resonate Music students are given the amazing opportunity to take part in the Student Performance Day.   This performance is held at a professional venue, with top of the range backline and PA.  This is a fantastic opportunity for each and every student to show friends and family the fruits of all their hard work and determination – giving them a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

So what are the lessons Resonate Music specialises in? There are currently lessons offered for four popular instruments including:


1. Guitar Lessons

john prefontaine guitar teacher guitar lessons redlands brisbaneWith its rich variety in sound and style, it’s no surprise that the guitar is one of the world’s most popular instruments, played and loved by millions. Dominated by acoustic and electric guitars and covering a breadth of styles that ranges from classical to blues, jazz to rock and even metal, there is a guitar to suit all players. Playing the guitar is something you learn for life and seeing the joy others can get from hearing you play is powerful and rewarding. Whether you are just starting out and want to join the guitar army, or are a seasoned veteran that has been playing for many years and is looking for help with a new challenge and music goal, you have found Resonate Music, the best guitar lessons Brisbane can offer.

The next step is to have a chat with John and his team or contact them here.


2. Drum Lessons

drum lessons brisbane capalaba music tuition

At the heart of every band is the drummer. The drum beat stirs passions and attracts attention. Many people admire the silky skills of great drummers and wish they too could play with freedom and abandon or rapid pace precision. In fact the drums are one of the instruments many older people wish they had learned to play.

Whether the star of the show or a master of the secret home performance, the drums are a musical passion and a great instrument to play. If you dream of being the heartbeat of the band, or think the drums could be the perfect instrument for your child to pour seemingly endless energy into, then the drum lessons Brisbane’s Resonate Music offers are for you. Click here and discuss the next step with the friendly team.


3. Piano Lessons

piano lessons redlands brisbaneWhether you are 6 or 60, the piano offers so much pleasure and more than a little mystery. Learning to play the piano is full of challenges and like most instruments, many small goals and achievements along the way. The piano is the perfect introduction to music for many youngsters around Australia and aside from a love for music, offers students benefits in concentration and learning. Can your child benefit from this? The real truth is you are never too old to start learning the piano if you can spare a little time. Found at the centre of many of times most beautiful musical pieces, piano lessons offer a safe place where only music can take you. Whether for you or your children, check out Resonate Music’s piano lessons. Brisbane bayside based and operating in suitable hours, find out more about Resonate Music piano lessons by clicking here.


4. Bass Guitar lessons

base guitar lessons capalaba redlands brisbaneEvery band needs a bass guitarist! Right around Australia people of all ages are learning the bass guitar because it takes up very little room, is quick and easy to set up, and along with the drums is the instrument that directs and centres every rock music band. Learning the bass guitar is a rite of passage for some, for others it’s a stress relieving hobby, and for others still it is a secret passion. With catchy riffs and a strong presence, the bass guitar is a strong instrument for strong students. John and his team pride themselves in providing high quality lessons, and the bass guitar is no different. If being at the front of the band is not your thing, but you love the idea of providing a strong platform for your band to operate from then the bass guitar is for you. To find out more about the best bass guitar lessons Brisbane has, then click here.


Whether you are searching for a great place for your children to learn their first musical instrument, or perhaps you have decided it’s time for you to begin your musical journey, then Resonate Music is for you. You may dream of one day being in a rock band, or want to take your considerable musical abilities and talents to the next level – Resonate Music is for you. Whatever your situation, John and his amazing team of tutors at Resonate Music are ready to help you turn those dreams into reality.

It is with passion and a quiet confidence that we believe we have the best music lessons Brisbane has to offer. Call us on 0409 033 641 or complete an enquiry form now to find out how we can be of help you.  Click here…


Tuition Rates

Guitar Lessons 30mins$38
Drum Lessons 30mins$38
Piano Lessons 30mins$38
Vocal Lessons 30mins
NEW STARTER PACKAGE - 4 x 30 min lessons PREPAID
VALUE PACKAGE - 10 x 30 min lessons PREPAID$330
FAMILY VALUE PACKAGE - 10 x 30 min lessons PREPAID
(10% saving)


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