Hannah Johnstone – Vocals

Hannah Johnstone – Vocal Singing Teacher

Hannah Johnstone is a Brisbane-based singer and performer with over 30 shows experience in singing and performance. Pursuing private vocal and theory lessons every week since age 13, Hannah has had non-stop training for 7 years now. Alongside her live performances, she has completed both theory and Musical theatre AMEB vocal exams.

Hannah’s love for singing began from a very young age, and has continued to rapidly grow since then. Performing in many musicals, festivals, charity events and her own gigs across Queensland, Hannah is constantly embracing her passion for singing and performing. From a background of musical theatre, Hannah has extensive experience in performing while singing, which is integral for any future singer.

Singing lessons are a great way to learn not only the physical technique of singing, but how to engage audiences and evolve individuality. Whether it’s pop, rock, classical, or the many others, Hannah has got you covered. No matter what age you are, it’s never too early or late to learn how to sing and perform!

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