Bass Guitar Lessons

base guitar lessons capalaba redlands brisbaneEvery band needs a bass guitarist! Right around Australia people of all ages are learning the bass guitar because it takes up very little room, is quick and easy to set up, and along with the drums is the instrument that directs and centres every rock music band. Learning the bass guitar is a rite of passage for some, for others it’s a stress relieving hobby, and for others still it is a secret passion. With catchy riffs and a strong presence, the bass guitar is a strong instrument for strong students. John and his team pride themselves in providing high quality lessons, and the bass guitar is no different.

We understand that bass guitar is nothing like the guitar – and approach the instrument from a completely different angle to guitar.  Many guitar teachers will say they ‘teach’ bass but don’t have the knowledge to implement correct technique, theory and thinking of a bass guitarist.  This is just one ways our teachers stand out from the majority.

If being at the front of the band is not your thing, but you love the idea of providing a strong platform for your band to operate from then the bass guitar is for you. To find out more about the best bass guitar lessons Brisbane has, then click here.


Tuition Rates

Guitar Lessons 30mins$38
Drum Lessons 30mins$38
Piano Lessons 30mins$38
Vocal Lessons 30mins
NEW STARTER PACKAGE - 4 x 30 min lessons PREPAID
VALUE PACKAGE - 10 x 30 min lessons PREPAID$330
FAMILY VALUE PACKAGE - 10 x 30 min lessons PREPAID
(10% saving)