John Prefontaine – Guitar

john prefontaine guitar teacher guitar lessons redlands brisbaneIf learning an instrument was as easy as John Prefontaine can make it, there’s a chance I could be a world class musician. Many of us have memories of learning an instrument and those recollections conjure boring scales, melancholy music and lesson times that interfered with potentially busy social lives.

John Prefontaine can relate to all of this, and understands the dwindling enthusiasm that results. Having picked up his first guitar at around 8 years of age, John’s love for the guitar has never waned. As an individual performer, a band member and a teacher John has a thorough understanding of just what it takes to manoeuvre through melodies. As good a guitar player as John is, teaching is his calling. Attaining a Diploma in Music and Technical Production at the School of Audio Engineering gave John the knowledge and appreciation of the technical skills required to take performance to a professional level. Combining his understanding of the allure of guitar, bass and piano John applied his expertise and determination to opening JP Guitar Studio (now Resonate Music) in 2013.

john prefontaine guitar teacher guitar lessons redlands brisbane

Accompanied by his team of talented teachers, John is able to apply his charismatic and open personality to his teaching style. It is almost an accepted expectation that many of John’s students are school aged, yet their student is a youthful 70 who personifies the adage ”it’s never too late to learn”.

John is delightfully challenged when students have “I don’t have a musical bone in my body” approach and finds nothing more satisfying than the delight on their faces when they conquer pieces that seemed insurmountable. Believing enjoyment brings out the best in students, John encourages them to persevere through the early first weeks, when the physical and mental energy required to perfect chords etc., can take its toll. After the repetition of the basics John and his colleagues are guided by the needs and interests of the student.

Come and meet John at his impressive Capalaba studio and see just what you are capable of contact him here.