Nathan Leonard – Guitar

Nathan Leonard has emerged as one of Brisbane’s most distinguished guitarists with a blend of Americana-style musical flavours mixed into a unique personal sound. His playing sweeps across rock, jazz, funk, blues and country guitar styles with authenticity and always showcases a tasteful approach in all performance and songwriting endeavours.

As a freelance musician, session guitarist and instrumental teacher Nathan has explored a wide range of music in studio and live performance settings but always stays true to his ‘first-loves’ on the guitar: AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. He is currently performing with several ensembles including South-East Queensland’s premier New Orleans ensemble, The Crescent City Players; funk/soul quartet Alphabet Street; and his own band playing original music under the moniker ‘Nate Sapian’

Nathan is a qualified and active classroom teacher at Villanova College with a Bachelor of Music Technology from the Queensland Conservatorium and a Masters of Music from the University of Queensland. He is a passionate and encouraging mentor who develops personalised lesson plans for his students informed by leading academic research in music education and extensive professional experience. Students will learn fundamental techniques and practical music theory concepts through repertoire that excites and motivates them to continue their journey on the instrument. Nathan always works towards the student’s personal goals by exploring song-writing, music technologies, effective practice strategies, guidance for live performances and working towards a sustainable career in music. 

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