Mia Achurch-Guth – Piano

Mia Achurch-Guth is a Brisbane-based pianist, vocalist and songwriter, best known for her involvement in contemporary folk band, Sir & Lydia. Taking a keen interest in all things performing and writing from a young age, she self-taught her way through singing and piano for leisure which was then enriched by vocal and piano lessons all throughout her high school years. 

After forming Sir & Lydia whilst studying music at QUT in 2019, Mia’s musical endeavours has seen her write and perform original music throughout South-East Queensland. Her songs, co-written by her band members, are heavily influenced by her extensive musical education and her own distinct style acquired from over a decade’s worth of instrument exploration and creative practice.

Mia is a passionate and engaging mentor who strives to support her students and help them achieve their goals. Teaching piano and vocals, Mia specialises in developing hand-crafted lesson plans tailored to students’ desired learning outcomes. She focuses on learning for leisure, developing song-writing techniques, teaching musicianship and helping students to develop their unique musical style – all of which is grounded by core theoretical practices. 

See Mia’s band in action here: linktr.ee/sirlydia

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